Hobbit Hole

Kennel History

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Retirees of Hobbit Hole

MSc RaW's *Not About the Cost [lala, 9/4, 1xstr]Belgian Sheepdog25465
NCSh 22Pomeranian381659
NCSh 22Pomeranian381659
NCSh 23Pomeranian381659
Rakk 24HHCardigan Welsh Corgi1827
IPnSh (HH) AlsaceToy Poodle11848
AA SPCS Am I The Only OneAustralian Shepherd23462
CCT Amaranth BrandybuckPembroke Welsh Corgi391759
ASh Amaretto MoussePomeranian20806
AT American GoldfinchBluetick Coonhound25808
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Dogs Bred By Hobbit Hole

LockedChP FleetfootPembroke Welsh Corgi4383
LockedMM JakPembroke Welsh Corgi2770
LockedMFl (HH) Jupiter (5/6) GGEGKelpie3256
LockedJPnFl Reserved for Emily give my dogs mixup (#1239725)Pembroke Welsh Corgi716
LockedMFl (HH) Saturn (10/4) GEGEKelpie3156
LockedMFl (HH) Venus (6/5) GGGEKelpie3356
JPnFl BeauPembroke Welsh Corgi11139
ChFl (HH) F1-G2Swedish Vallhund43905
ChH GeniePembroke Welsh Corgi46402
NCT GGEG - IntPembroke Welsh Corgi411651

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02:21pm on Feb 20

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